Pressed Wedding Bouquets

YOUR WEDDING DAY is one of the most memorable days of your life. If you’d like to create a unique memory of your special day, why not have your wedding bouquet pressed and framed as a lasting keepsake and a beautiful and unique piece of art for many years to come?

Flower Pressing

Pressing flowers is a very old, traditional method of preserving flowers, made popular in Victorian times. With modern methods, this has now, once again, become a popular, contemporary method of flower preservation.

I have over 30 years of flower pressing experience,  so you can feel secure in the knowledge your bouquet is in safe hands.

Your Bouquet

Prices start at around £200, which includes:

  • Advice before and after the wedding
  • Preservation
  • Reconstruction
  • Framing of your wedding bouquet in an approximately 16 x 20 frame.

All wedding bouquets are displayed behind conservation glass, which gives 97% protection from  UV rays.

As well as recreating the whole bouquet,  I can also display some of the flowers in heart-shaped hanging mobiles, photo frames, coasters and jewellery. They can also be included in cufflinks for the groom. The possibilities really are endless!

Below are some of the bouquets I have preserved recently. 

Please contact me to discuss your wedding day, and to check your flowers are suitable for this method of preservation. 


or phone: 07903 134443

Daisy x